What to do when you arrive at Cairo International Airport

We start with general advice on what you should do when you arrive at Cairo International Airport. Many overlook certain things.

which, when you know them, can make many things easier for you, so we have included this article to explain everything you will need whether you are coming to Egypt or leaving.


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What to do when you arrive



1. Go to the bank and exchange at the airport to transfer money in Egyptian pounds. This is because you have to do things in Egyptian pounds.

2. Buy a SIM card and order a net pack if you want Uber to go to your destination.

The four telephone companies are:


We support Vodafone.


what you deserve?

Good news for all travelers to the Arab Republic of Egypt, whether Egyptians or foreigners.

as it was decided in the Egyptian cabinet to lift all restrictions related to the Coronavirus. This decision was made today, Friday 17/6/2022.

We will remove all the old rules and wish you a safe trip and welcome to the Arab Republic of Egypt.


Cairo Airport

1. Before you board the flight to Egypt, you must purchase a face mask to wear on the plane for your safety which you will wear once the plane lands safely.

Before entering the arrival hall, prepare for the completion of your order at each Egyptian port next.
Not wearing a mask can get you in trouble.

2. Your temperature will be measured,
Those whose temperature exceeds 38 degrees Celsius are not allowed to enter.

3. Hand disinfection when entering the salon.

4. Maintaining good relations between passengers and porters and baggage carriers… and such.

5. The entire airport is cleaned every 3 hours, and the luggage compartment is cleaned after use.


What to do when you arrive at Cairo International Airport

What to do when you arrive at Cairo International Airport


6. Passengers are allowed to carry hand sanitizer and hand sanitizer over 100ml or equivalent per bottle of liquid or gel per passenger.

7. At the passport station, travelers are asked to open their passport page with their photo, then open the visa application and remove the cover to verify their identity.

8. Medical declarations of health status and reporting of illness must be respected.



We start with special advice

9. There is no restriction on foreign investment by the traveler upon arrival in the country.
if he reveals more than (10,000) money. ten thousand dollars or one with other foreign currencies. and he is also allowed to carry amount of the country’s currency up to (5) five thousand Egyptian pounds.

10. It is prohibited to bring seeds or agricultural fruits to prevent the transfer of pests, and in this case, they are destroyed through agricultural quarantine.

11. Communication with the customs officer if the goods are subject to customs collection.

12. Initial level
The maximum exchange rate allowed is ten (10) thousand US dollars or equivalent to other foreign currencies. Non-Egyptians carry the rest of the money if they are exposed when they arrive. He is allowed to write notes in the local currency within the limit of five (5) thousand Egyptian pounds.

13. Initial level
Possession of drugs or electronic devices beyond personal use is prohibited.

14. The passenger is prohibited from carrying flammable liquids, mercury, dry and liquid batteries, and electronic devices. Contains lithium batteries such as (computers/cameras/car batteries/electrical appliances) except personal mobile phones.

15. It is prohibited to import freezers in carry-on bags and any kind of liquid with a volume of more than 100 ml. This is except liquids purchased at duty-free shops within the airport. As long as it is closed and has a receipt of purchase from the store without payment to ensure the safety of passengers on the plane.

16. It is prohibited to use drugs approved by the Egyptian Ministry of Health to ensure the health and safety of travelers.


Cairo International Airport



Ahlan’s VIP service

17. There is nothing nicer or better than a smiling face greeting you as soon as you arrive at Cairo International Airport.

Upon arrival at Cairo International Airport, Ahlan representatives will be waiting for you with a sign and your name. They take you in a customized car to the VIP Suite.

They will check and collect your bags and make sure you get good service until you leave the airport.

When you leave, Ahlan representatives will take care of you and your luggage in a special way, while you wait in the VIP suite.

they will check your departure and drop you a dedicated car at the entrance.



When you complete all flight procedures and prepare to leave the airport

18. You need to ask questions about the bank at the airport to use $100 in Egyptian currency.
To drive or buy an Egyptian SIM card and use the Internet with it.
As you wish, I will tell you these reasons why I want you to get Egyptian money.

19. When you leave the airport, you will need a car and there is a car in the parking lot. And there are Uber and Careem services, the best Uber will require an online service. Their Google Store app asks them for the car and the route and how much to pay.

20. If this is your first visit, I advise you to book two nights at a cheap hotel so you know where to stay.
Depending on what you want, it suits you, whether in terms of price or proximity to the doctor or the hospital will go directly.

21. You have one week of 7 days from your arrival at any Egyptian port, whether air, sea, or land.
Go to the Egyptian passport and immigration office at their new headquarters in Abbasiya or one of their branches if in another jurisdiction to apply for the passport.



We wish you a pleasant visit to the Arab Republic of Egypt and that you can use the information we have provided for you.

Greetings from the site team (Elymany Website).

Contact the ICVW team.

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